2010.05.19 – Today

(Picture of a Roulette single)

Thanks for being so patient!

My first single in over three years is finally on sale!
Did you guys listen to it yet?

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WHAT’s IN? June 2010

TETSUYA – Do a miracle by yourself

An “Extra Heartening” event: His first release in three years and two months, Roulette, has finally arrived! This piece of work, already known as the opening theme to HEROMAN, is on-air everywhere TV TOKYO and affiliates broadcast. This top-class pop tune reaches out to the listeners and opens up a world of sparkle and light that colours the entire world.

Who’d have thought it would take this long? That financial crisis sure had a big impact (laughs).

– So this is your first solo release in three years and two months. How do you feel now that you’re finally restarting your solo activities?
[I wasn’t going to have such a long pause, really, it just happened to turn out that way. Of course, when L’Arc~en~Ciel is active, I don’t do any solo work whatsoever, but even when the band isn’t doing anything I don’t do much with my solo project either, and before I knew it a year and a half had gone right by.]

– Of course, you have been busy on the production side of things, working as leader of the band.
[I do a lot of work behind the scenes, out of the spotlight. Before going back to my solo project, I had to start by setting up my team of staff all over again. Compared to the great ship that is L’Arc~en~Ciel, my solo is just a little rowboat, but it still needs crew and I was busy getting the right people on board, that’s what took so much time.]

– Now that preparations are complete, are you ready to set sail once more?
[I don’t quite have a full crew on board yet, but I guess the ship’s already gone to sea. “It’s like… Hey you! Get up here! Follow me!” (laughs) ]

– Now, the new single, Roulette, is of course being used as the opening theme for HEROMAN on TV TOKYO, and I must say the song and series match up perfectly. They are both full of light, and HEROMAN has that ring, which is kind of like a roulette. They match.
[Everybody keeps saying that, and I actually agree.]

– But you wrote the song a long time ago, right? When exactly did you compose it?
[I composed the tune about four or five years ago, but I didn’t write the lyrics until last summer, in July or August. I had about four, five tunes that could have been singles and this was one of them.]

– Do you remember what inspired you to compose the main tune?
[Right, at that point, I was writing a whole bunch of songs. Lately, at all my lives, I’ve been doing two new songs(1), I wrote those songs and this one and a few other all at the same time. Epic productivity. But seriously. Who’d have thought it would take this long? That financial crisis sure had a big impact (laughs). That was a joke, but in the end, I suppose I found the best possible timing to release this.]

– During the arrangement stage, did you make many changes from your original composition?
[I sped up the tempo a bit, made it that much more danceable, gave it more sparkle, but the basics of the song were in place from the start almost exactly the way the final product sounds. Oh, and there were lots of chorus and harmony parts in it right from the start. It’s practically a twin vocal piece (laughs).]

– So you took a tune that was already very pop and made it even more pop. Where did you get the idea for the whole roulette motif?
[I came up with the melody first, then I listened to it, listened to that tune, trying to come up with lyrics. It’s like the song itself opened up and the word just came out naturally. Roulette; it’s a simple enough concept. The word itself is already pretty catchy.]

– The word “roulette” is itself quite symbolic, and I find that the song itself seems to grant the power to step up to the roulette that is life.
[I’ve always thought of life as a big gamble. You never know how the next spin will turn out, but you still have to pick a goal and bring your life to it, you know.]

– Making music is, itself, all a big gamble, in a sense.
[Becoming a pro musician is a huge gamble. There are no guarantees whatsoever, nothing in this line of work is ever certain. Even if you get lucky and manage to debut, it’s still hard to succeed and to keep on going.]

– But the fact that you, TETSUYA, are singing about this as someone who has stepped up to the table and challenged those odds, must surely bring some of that power forward to the listeners.
[I’m not filing any complaints, here. All I want to say is, hey, there are these choices, and this is one of many possible points of view. Personally, I think this is a very good thing, and I hope people will agree or at least empathise a little, that would make me very happy.]

– The arrangement for this song was a collaboration between you and Murohime Shin, wasn’t it? How exactly did you go about it?
[We sent the file back and forth, and gradually, it all came together, so then we went to the studio, and we recorded. So yeah, before we even got to the studio, we already had quite a complete demo done, so what we did at the studio really felt more like just polishing it up. While we were doing that, we got more good ideas and tried those out. Anything we could come up with to make the song a little bit cooler, we went for it while we were there.]

– The worldview expressed by the song matches your voice so perfectly, TETSUYA-san.
[I think I’m a picky person, but I think my own songs and voice fit together nicely, so I like it.]

– Is there anything in particular you have to keep in mind as you sing it?
[Starting last summer, I performed it live a bunch of times, so I got used to singing it long before the recording came around, and then I just sang it the same way. It’s just that, with the chorus and harmonies, I had a lot of parts to sing and it was kinda hard. There was so much to do, I forgot to do some of it. And the part I forgot was the highest line in the whole song, too, and I didn’t realize it until two or three in the morning, and of course my voice wouldn’t go that high, so even though it was just one line, I had to leave it for another day (laughs).]

– The bass part has a great feel as it drives the song forward. What did you focus on when you played it?
[For the lives, it’s Ikuo-kun that plays it. I have to say, he’s a great bassist, and you know, since I’m really a bassist, it sure takes guts for him to get up on stage behind me and play bass (laughs). But yeah, because I’m a bassist, too, I made it extra complicated to give Ikuo-kun a hard time at the lives (laughs).]

– This song has a unique groove to it that I find fascinating. Starting at the B-melody, the drums kick in and explode and it feels great.
[For the B-melody, I told the drummer, Muraishi (Masayuki) “It’s OK, you can go nuts on it,” and then recorded what he did.]

– It’s been a long time since you recorded anything for your solo work, so was there anything you savoured about the experience?
[When I’m working solo, then anything I approve is approved, you know? Everything’s that much more flexible, it all goes down faster. When I’m there, I get all sorts of new ideas just coming to me. I’ve never had everything jell like this before. It’s not just about music, you know I used to love to build things with my hands. Creating something out of nothing; that sense of joy that comes with completion is incomparable. I can’t get enough of that feeling.]

– The coupling track is your previous single, Can’t stop believing, in a new form remixed by RYUKYUDISKO. Any comments on that?
[I think a lot of people are going to find out about me through this song, so I thought I’d give them a remix of my last song, and hopefully get them to work backwards through my stuff and check it out. In a way, the past and future are both on display, here.]

– You have a tour coming up this summer. I think a lot of people are expecting to see more from you afterward.
[Sorry to keep everybody waiting so long. Though I think a lot of people don’t know about me at all. I want to go around and savour all these new encounters.]

I won a bowling tournament on the night of my high school graduation trip, you know (laughs)

– The Roulette PV imparts such a vision of light, I felt that it perfectly expressed the worldview from the melody. What kind of clip did you have in mind before actually filming it?
[At first, just listening to the music, I had a vague mental picture of lots of people coming in, and everybody would dance, you know, I wanted it to be an exciting, turbulent video. Then we actually got started on it, and it ended up the way you see it.]

– The scene where everything freezes is very effective, yet playful at the same time.
[I thought that scene up while we were recording the song at the studio. I wanted to pause the video, put in a little bonus, then start it up again, like that.]

– Why did you want to pause the video?
[Normally, if you’re casually watching videos on a music channel, having it suddenly freeze like that would have an impact. A while back, with L’Arc~en~Ciel, we used bullet time effects in the video for snow drop, that was 11 or 12 years ago now, and I was wondering how much farther ahead special effects like that had got since then. I’m interested.]

– Did you get a good feel for the progress in that area?
[Yes. Extremely much, even though it was all analog (laughs). Obviously, 12 years ago, bullet time was the big new thing all around the world, and we spend a ton of money on it, just so we could have it, but I figured using analog effects would be more fun. If you look at HEROES, a lot of those special effects are analog. Watch the making videos, everybody’s holding really still (laughs).]

– You mean it’s not CGI? There are people actually holding still?
[That’s right. It used to be you had to get a dozen cameras and take a whole bunch of shots all at once, and it was the very latest technology so it cost a lot to do, but really the analog way is more fun. In HEROES and The 4400, you see a lot of these freeze scenes, but actually the extras blink and stuff. “What the? Did he just blink? Gotta do another take.” (laughs).]

– In that entire bowling alley scene, you, and your clothes, are extremely sparkly, TETSUYA-san.
[That was actually a do-over, you know. The first time around, it didn’t turn out the way I pictured it, and since we were doing it over anyway, I figured I might as well change my hair and my whole look while I was at it. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, but maybe I’d do better to tell people I planned it out that way right from the start (laughs).]

– I think you’re showing great form when you roll that bowling ball in the video. Do you have a lot of experience with bowling?
[Back in high school, I used to go bowling once in a while on the way home. I won a bowling tournament on the night of my high school graduation trip, you know (laughs). I kept saying “Why don’t we do a photoshoot in a bowling alley?” all the time. But the director never ever caught the hint and suggested we use one. So when we got to the point where we had to film again, I decided it was time for some bowling (laughs).]

– The spinning pins are very pop, and it all works well by doubling down on the roulette imagery.
[Bowling pins are so very pop, right. Maybe it’s because there’s ten of them, all lined up. Think of Andy Warhol’s artwork, he liked to line up identical things and I think that’s pop, so taking all of that together, I figure a bowling alley has to be a very pop sort of place.]

– The people spin, the mic stand spins, everything spins. The performance scenes, the bowling scene, the time freeze, the dance scenes, they all come together thematically, don’t they?
[These days, nobody spends two whole days filming a single music video, do they?]

– Was it that difficult to film?
[Oh, it was a lot of fun, all of it. It was the first time I’d worked with this director, so it took a little bit of time to get my ideas across to him, but in the end it all turned out nicely, and I’m happy with it. Making a music video is just like building something, it’s very enjoyable for me.]

Roulette – Spin the MUSIC CLIP!!
The special edition first press release of the Roulette single will include a DVD featuring the title track’s PV. We asked him all about the details he was so concerned with.

[Everybody keeps saying the song and series fit together so well, it’s like they were made for each other. I agree. There haven’t been any pure superhero anime series lately, so I find it refreshing, it’s great. Personally, I love superheroes, especially Spider-Man, so I’m honoured to be involved in a Stan Lee project.]

FIRST TOUR 2010 Spin the Roulette – TETSUYA’S COMMENT
[This is my first tour, so I’m going to start with smaller venues. If I went straight for the big ones, my band members might get confused (laughs). These little clubs, they’re simple, they’re pure, they’re just right for me to do all of my songs. This is going to be a kind of training for me, and for the members too, so I think we’re going to see a lot of growth thanks to these clubs.]

Text: Hasegawa Makoto
Translation by Natalie Arnold

1. These would be Lonely Girl and the song sometimes known as FRESH.
Go back.

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Part 1:
“(laughs) HI I’M TETSUYA!
Ehhh, this solo single, called Roulette, is finally out.
Ehh, everybody already heard it, I bet?
Ehhh, this song is a sparkly song full of sparkles.
It’s extremely pop. And so is the PV.
Everybody check it out, please!”

Part 2:
“Ehh, oh yeah, and starting in July, I’m gonna have my first solo tour ever.
Ehhh, let’s see, ehhh, just look at this website for info.”

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Hello everybody on So-net! I’m TETSUYA.
My new single is coming out on May 19th…. That means it’s out!
Ehhh. This song is very pop.
Ehhh, yeah. It’s perfect for this season, it’s so pop. It’s a party song.
So please check it out!
Yeah.. Now I’m going to talk about something else.
Things I never want to go through again. I think.
Ehhh, I never want to go through again… like… what…
Things I never want to go through again… I’ve never thought about this before…
Ehhh…. Like what… hmmm…
Ah! I had a massage in Thailand and the old lady there kept saying “You’re so cute, Mr! You’re so cute!”
She kept saying it, it was kind of annoying. And scary.
I never want to go through that again.
Ehh, and they’re not that great at massages, in Thailand.
That’s it.
Oh yeah and this summer I’m having my tour, FIRST TOUR 2010 Spin the Roulette!
Everybody come and see me. I’m gonna go all around the country so when I come to your town, come see me.
Check out my website for all the details.

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“Hi everybody on BARKS! I’m TETSUYA from L’Arc~en~Ciel!”

– How do you feel now that you’re resuming your solo activities after so long?

“Oh yeah, right, it has been a while. I’m starting it up again. It’s been about three years, right? Yeah.
People must be wondering “what’ve ya been doing all this time?” Seriously.
Well yeah, come to think of it, if you just entered middle school last single then you’d be graduating now.
It’s like I didn’t do anything the whole time you were in middle school.
But anyway, three years later, here am I am with a new single.
Ehh, it’s called Roulette.
This song is very sparkly and colourful, sparcolourful.
I played it live a lot, and it was always sparkly on stage, sparkly all around.
This song goes “Kira Kira”, sparkles right there in the chorus, and I got told to make it even more sparkly,
so that’s exactly how I sang it, you know. And yeah, it’s me singing.”

– Why are you holding a guitar in the promo picture despite being a bassist?

“You’re right (smiles)
Normally, with L’Arc~en~Ciel I play the bass, but hmm
as a solo artist, as TETSUYA, I took a picture with a guitar.
The reason for that is that for my solo, I play the guitar too.
I play the guitar, I play the bass, and I sing.
So yeah, I keep busy.
Which means, yeah, I’m more used to holding a bass,
but since this is my solo project, I switched it up.
It shows that my solo project is something completely different, even just from the picture, I wanted people to notice that this is something else.
That’s why I’m not holding a bass but a guitar. Yeah. Isn’t that guitar cute?
It has a name, you know. It’s a flying-V from Mizu-san
It’s name is Dotlangren.
So yeah, please call it by it’s name. Dotlangren.”

– Since Roulette is the theme song for HEROMAN, let’s ask : What does the word Hero mean to you?
“A Hero. Well, yeah. My song is being used as the opening song to HEROMAN, the anime.
For me, a hero is… a hero is… hmmm…. yeah… My dad, maybe? (spaces out)”

– Say a few words about your tour this July!

“This is gonna be my first solo tour ever! FIRST TOUR 2010 Spin the Roulette!
Please check the details on my website, and then come see me when I come do a show near your town.
I hope everybody will come!”

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Everybody watching Excite Japan! …Hi. I’m TETSUYA.
Eh, so this is Excite Music, which I means I better talk about something exciting.
Ehh, something that excites me.
Hmm, a while back, I had this great meat, this delicious yakiniku.
That restaurant had terrific meat. Like “WOAH what’s in this.”
But, except that everything I ate tasted the same (staff laugh).
Yeah… The kalbi, the roast, oh and they didn’t have any beef tongue. So yeah. I had yakiniku.
Ehhhhh yeah! Ok, so, about my work these days.
Right now, I’m doing promotions. Hehe.
On May 19th my new single, Roulette, goes on sale.
Ehh, it’s been about three years, but anyway, all this time, I’ve done a lot of stuff,
I even changed my name from tetsu to tetsuya.
Some people are asking “Who’s tetsuya anyway?” and going “tetsu’s better”, but yeah, too bad.
tetsu is now tetsuya.
And Roulette was, yeah, it cost quite a bit to make. And my voice, I had to sing a lot of parts for the chorus and harmonies so I was pretty much singing the whole time, at the recording. And when it was finally done, well, you know I was goofing off in the studio at 3 am, but then I realized that I forgot to record a part, the highest part of the song, but then I couldn’t record it, so I had to leave it for the next day.
So this album, wait it’s not an album, I don’t have an album and yet I’m doing a tour anyway. Yeah, I know.
First Tour 2010 Spin the Roulette.
It’s almost 10 years since I started my solo, and it’s my first tour. First tour comes after nine whole years.
I’m really looking forward to it so please come see me!
I hope you guys all support me as TETSUYA!

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Sony Music

Good afternoon everybody on Sony Music Online Japan. I’m TETSUYA. I’m tetsuya from L’Arc~en~Ciel.
I gotta point that out, or else people go “Who are you again?” (staff laugh)
Ehhh, on May 19th, my new solo single will be released. Yes. It’s Roulette.
This song is really pop, very pop, it’s quite the party song.
The music video is pop too. Lots of pretty colours. It’s SPARKLY. IT IS SPARKLY. IT SPARKLES. That PV glows.
There was choreography involved in filming it, and by the time it was done, I managed to build up a little muscle.
I do interesting things, you know, so everybody watch the music video, please.
Oh and pretty soon I’ll be starting a tour around the whole country. It starts in July, so please go check out the website for details and I hope that you will come to see me. That’s all!

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Music GOO

Hi everybody on GOO – This is TETSUYA~
Ehhhhhhh, these days, ehh, yeah…
Tonight I’m having takoyaki for dinner, apparently,
and now I’m wondering why takoyaki, but anyway, I’m looking forward to that.
Ehhh, so yeah. My new single, Roulette, is coming out!
On May 19, my first single in three years will be out. Yes.
This song is a very pop, ehhh
everybody please check it out!
Oh and, starting in July, I’m going on my first tour, called Spin the Roulette?
Spin the Roulette tour is starting, and I’m going around the whole country,
so everybody please come and play!
That’s all~

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Roulette release – Web Comment round-up

Here are translations of the brief comment videos TETSUYA made for the release of Roulette on May 19, 2010.

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2010.05.15 – Spainzaka

(Picture of the entrance to TOKYO FM’s studio with a large sign advertising Roulette)

I just got to Spainzaka!

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