2010.05.19 – Today

(Picture of a Roulette single)

Thanks for being so patient!

My first single in over three years is finally on sale!
Did you guys listen to it yet?

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2010.05.15 – Spainzaka

(Picture of the entrance to TOKYO FM’s studio with a large sign advertising Roulette)

I just got to Spainzaka!

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2010.05.11 – Tirol

(Picture of Evangelion Tirol chocolates in a box)

I got given some Evangelion Tirol Chocolates!

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2010.04.29 – LOVE! Pepsi NEX

(Picture of a refrigerator full of Pepsi NEX and water bottles)

This is my office refrigerator!

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2010.04.10 – Right Now

(Picture of a few people working at a large table full of computers)

We’re editing the PV for Roulette!
Hang on just a little bit longer!

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2010.04.09 – Today is what day?

(Picture of the numbers 4 and 9 in what looks like a door number, close up)

4/9 is the day I first moved out on my own!
How many years ago was that?!
It’s a personal anniversary for me!

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2010.04.04 – Today is what?

(Picture of recording equipment: A Mic, Keyboard, and a couple of Guitars)

Today is recording-music-at-the-studio day!

Oh yeaaaaah, so Mukimpo-kun wasn’t in HEROMAN, was he!?
You think it was an April Fools joke?

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2010.04.01 – HEROMAN

(Picture of a MUKIMPO figuring holding a bass and looking awesome)

Today, HEROMAN starts! I’m so honoured to be tied up with a Stan Lee project!
BY THE WAY Mukimpo-kun is going to be a guest on the show so everybody watch it, okay?

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2010.03.31 – DVD

(Picture of the L’7 Logo on a black background)

Today the L’7 DVD was released!
I was up to the challenge of editing it, and I even managed to force in all the scenes that I really really wanted to put in it.
What do you think? I wonder if all the members watched it yet?

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2010.03.29 – The 29th

(Picture of meat)

Today is meat day! It’s scrumptilitious~

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