Sony Music

Good afternoon everybody on Sony Music Online Japan. I’m TETSUYA. I’m tetsuya from L’Arc~en~Ciel.
I gotta point that out, or else people go “Who are you again?” (staff laugh)
Ehhh, on May 19th, my new solo single will be released. Yes. It’s Roulette.
This song is really pop, very pop, it’s quite the party song.
The music video is pop too. Lots of pretty colours. It’s SPARKLY. IT IS SPARKLY. IT SPARKLES. That PV glows.
There was choreography involved in filming it, and by the time it was done, I managed to build up a little muscle.
I do interesting things, you know, so everybody watch the music video, please.
Oh and pretty soon I’ll be starting a tour around the whole country. It starts in July, so please go check out the website for details and I hope that you will come to see me. That’s all!

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