Everybody watching Excite Japan! …Hi. I’m TETSUYA.
Eh, so this is Excite Music, which I means I better talk about something exciting.
Ehh, something that excites me.
Hmm, a while back, I had this great meat, this delicious yakiniku.
That restaurant had terrific meat. Like “WOAH what’s in this.”
But, except that everything I ate tasted the same (staff laugh).
Yeah… The kalbi, the roast, oh and they didn’t have any beef tongue. So yeah. I had yakiniku.
Ehhhhh yeah! Ok, so, about my work these days.
Right now, I’m doing promotions. Hehe.
On May 19th my new single, Roulette, goes on sale.
Ehh, it’s been about three years, but anyway, all this time, I’ve done a lot of stuff,
I even changed my name from tetsu to tetsuya.
Some people are asking “Who’s tetsuya anyway?” and going “tetsu’s better”, but yeah, too bad.
tetsu is now tetsuya.
And Roulette was, yeah, it cost quite a bit to make. And my voice, I had to sing a lot of parts for the chorus and harmonies so I was pretty much singing the whole time, at the recording. And when it was finally done, well, you know I was goofing off in the studio at 3 am, but then I realized that I forgot to record a part, the highest part of the song, but then I couldn’t record it, so I had to leave it for the next day.
So this album, wait it’s not an album, I don’t have an album and yet I’m doing a tour anyway. Yeah, I know.
First Tour 2010 Spin the Roulette.
It’s almost 10 years since I started my solo, and it’s my first tour. First tour comes after nine whole years.
I’m really looking forward to it so please come see me!
I hope you guys all support me as TETSUYA!

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