“Hi everybody on BARKS! I’m TETSUYA from L’Arc~en~Ciel!”

– How do you feel now that you’re resuming your solo activities after so long?

“Oh yeah, right, it has been a while. I’m starting it up again. It’s been about three years, right? Yeah.
People must be wondering “what’ve ya been doing all this time?” Seriously.
Well yeah, come to think of it, if you just entered middle school last single then you’d be graduating now.
It’s like I didn’t do anything the whole time you were in middle school.
But anyway, three years later, here am I am with a new single.
Ehh, it’s called Roulette.
This song is very sparkly and colourful, sparcolourful.
I played it live a lot, and it was always sparkly on stage, sparkly all around.
This song goes “Kira Kira”, sparkles right there in the chorus, and I got told to make it even more sparkly,
so that’s exactly how I sang it, you know. And yeah, it’s me singing.”

– Why are you holding a guitar in the promo picture despite being a bassist?

“You’re right (smiles)
Normally, with L’Arc~en~Ciel I play the bass, but hmm
as a solo artist, as TETSUYA, I took a picture with a guitar.
The reason for that is that for my solo, I play the guitar too.
I play the guitar, I play the bass, and I sing.
So yeah, I keep busy.
Which means, yeah, I’m more used to holding a bass,
but since this is my solo project, I switched it up.
It shows that my solo project is something completely different, even just from the picture, I wanted people to notice that this is something else.
That’s why I’m not holding a bass but a guitar. Yeah. Isn’t that guitar cute?
It has a name, you know. It’s a flying-V from Mizu-san
It’s name is Dotlangren.
So yeah, please call it by it’s name. Dotlangren.”

– Since Roulette is the theme song for HEROMAN, let’s ask : What does the word Hero mean to you?
“A Hero. Well, yeah. My song is being used as the opening song to HEROMAN, the anime.
For me, a hero is… a hero is… hmmm…. yeah… My dad, maybe? (spaces out)”

– Say a few words about your tour this July!

“This is gonna be my first solo tour ever! FIRST TOUR 2010 Spin the Roulette!
Please check the details on my website, and then come see me when I come do a show near your town.
I hope everybody will come!”

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