Hello everybody on So-net! I’m TETSUYA.
My new single is coming out on May 19th…. That means it’s out!
Ehhh. This song is very pop.
Ehhh, yeah. It’s perfect for this season, it’s so pop. It’s a party song.
So please check it out!
Yeah.. Now I’m going to talk about something else.
Things I never want to go through again. I think.
Ehhh, I never want to go through again… like… what…
Things I never want to go through again… I’ve never thought about this before…
Ehhh…. Like what… hmmm…
Ah! I had a massage in Thailand and the old lady there kept saying “You’re so cute, Mr! You’re so cute!”
She kept saying it, it was kind of annoying. And scary.
I never want to go through that again.
Ehh, and they’re not that great at massages, in Thailand.
That’s it.
Oh yeah and this summer I’m having my tour, FIRST TOUR 2010 Spin the Roulette!
Everybody come and see me. I’m gonna go all around the country so when I come to your town, come see me.
Check out my website for all the details.

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